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August 15, 2023

Prioritization Guide for BIM-Related ISO Standards

The BIM-Related ISO Standards Prioritization Guide, which helps to define and prioritize ISO standards to be adopted for the development of standards and/or guidelines associated with BIM implementation, is now available.

This document is complemented by Annex A, with an executive analysis of each of the primary BIM standards defined in the Guide and the dynamic dashboard – Annex B, which relates and helps to understand the associated information.

The overall objective of the document is to define and prioritize the ISO standards to be adopted for the development of standards and/or guidelines associated with BIM implementation.

This document is intended to achieve the purposes listed below, in order to establish a common basis at the regional level:

      1. Encourage collaborative processes with international standardization entities.
      2. Promote collaboration among standardization/standardization entities in Latin America.
      3. Promote the adoption of international standards in the local and Latin American frameworks.
      4. Articulate the development of Latin American standards that support local market strategies, policies and requirements.


We invite you to watch the explanatory video on our Youtube channel. PRESENTATION OF ISO STANDARDS PRIORITIZATION GUIDE RELATED TO BIM

Both the Guide and Annex A can be downloaded from the Web page, located in the library menu, documents tab.


In the Library menu, Dashboard tab, you can view Annex B – Dynamic Dashboard.

This public database, which is continuously updated, is being developed in order to make visible the adoption or homologation of standards in the countries of the Network, and can be used by those regions or countries that have not yet made progress with this analysis.


These documents have been developed by TDC LAB and the BIM Network of Latin American Governments, with the collaboration of the standardization entities of the member countries.

We appreciate the efforts of all involved, and invite all interested parties to send their comments to improve the products.


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