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December 15, 2023

BIM Strategies of the BIM Network of Latin American Governments member countries document

You can download the document “BIM Strategies of the member countries of the BIM Network of Latin American Governments”, which compiles the key actions that have been implemented by the national programs of the member countries and the actions that have enabled integration at the regional level .

It reflects more than a year of coordinated work, and we consider it to be of great relevance for those in our region and in the public sector who want to initiate a BIM implementation or wish to promote a national effort towards this goal.

We hope that it will serve as a reference to initiate national BIM strategies or even deepen the actions that are already being carried out by the different governments.

As countries in the region, we know that we share very similar challenges and problems, and therefore, this document provides us with a unique perspective that would be difficult to obtain in an integrated manner in any other publication.

Why is this document important?

This document compiles the experience of the promotion of BIM, and the design and implementation of national plans related to the methodology by the member countries of the BIM Network of Latin American Governments. The strategies and actions implemented by public institutions in the region according to the BIM initiatives of each country are identified.

The intention is for this document to be a point of reference for the implementation and promotion of BIM by the State, from a Latin American perspective built on the basis of the local realities of each of the countries that make up the Network. With this document, we hope to encourage the creation of support networks for the transfer of knowledge, experiences and lessons learned.

The document is structured in the following chapters:

Chapter 1 “Digital transformation to improve the efficiency of the State” contextualizes the change of paradigms in the construction industry and the role of digital transformation as a transcendental contribution in this sector, which is responsible for planning, developing and operating public works.

This section highlights the importance of having a BIM Initiative within the framework of a public policy, with the role of the State as the main activator of the demand for BIM and also as an articulator of the various actions between public and private entities and academia.

Also, this chapter reviews the expected benefits of integrating BIM in public works and the contributions to project efficiency in different parts of the world that generally increase project quality.

The second chapter“BIM Network of Latin American Governments” describes the Network, its history, its governance, its objectives and its role in facilitating meeting points and instances of collaboration between member countries.

The third chapter,“A National Plan“, revolves around the importance of having a common vision and also, how a series of structural axes that are repeated in the strategies of the different countries can be determined.

These axes,GOVERNANCE, STANDARDIZATION, HUMAN CAPITAL and TECHNOLOGIES, are the common denominator of each national strategy.

Finally, the fourth chapter“BIM Strategies of the member countries of the Network” is the section that develops, in more detail, one by one, the strategic actions carried out from State initiatives in each of the 8 countries of the Network.

It should be noted that the information provided in this document, and especially in this chapter 4, has been compiled up to May 2023, so it is to be expected that over time there will be a gradual evolution of the strategies.

We invite you to watch the explanatory video on our Youtube channel,
Presentation of “BIM Strategies of the Latin American Governments BIM Network Member Countries”.

The document can be downloaded from the Web page, located in the library menu, Documents tab.

link to document

We appreciate the efforts of all involved, and invite all interested parties to send their comments to improve the products.

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