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April 4, 2022

Start of Consulting for the Preparation of Handbbok

On April 1, the tender was awarded for the preparation of a document that compiles the strategies and actions applied by the member governments of the Network in their implementation of BIM. The purpose of this strategic document is to collect the experience in the promotion of BIM in the countries of the BIM Network of Latin American Governments, an approach with a strategic vision in the subject related to the implementation of BIM at the governmental level, in order to facilitate the work of actors with different degrees of knowledge and technical specialties. The result of this document should be oriented to a strategic vision of the importance of leadership and promotion from the governmental sphere of BIM from a strategic approach, compiling visions and reinforcing the importance of the continuity of the efforts for the continuity of the actions oriented to the promotion and development of BIM.

The document will be produced by the Technological Center for Innovation in Construction (CteC), based in Chile.

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We thank Valentina Sarmiento for her efforts.

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